Slap Her… She’s French!

Slap Her… She’s French has the more well-known title of She Gets What She Wants in the United States. The film was released on January 31st, 2002, in Europe, but it made its way to the US that same year. The movie was directed by Melanie Mayron, written by Lamar Damon and Robert Lee King, and produced by Thomas Augsberger, Matthias Deyle, and Steven Brown. It was distributed by Winchester Films and the running time is 92 minutes. Productions companies include Intermedia Films, Lions Gate Films, ContentFilm, and Constantin Films. It was edited by Marshall Harvey and and the cinematography was done by Charles Minsky. Christophe Beck and David Michael Frank were responsible for music.

The cast for Slap Her… She’s French includes Jane McGregor as Starla Grady, Piper Perabo as Genevieve LePlouff, Alexandra Adi as Ashley Lopez, Trent Ford as Ed Mitchell, Julie White as Bootsie Grady, Jesse James as Randolph Grady, Brandon Smith as Arnie Grady, Nicki Aycox as Tanner Jennings, Ashley Blake as Megan, Matt Czuchry as Kyle Fuller, Amy Bradford as French airplane passenger (uncredited), Haley Ramm as young Starla Grady (uncredited), Laura Halvorson as Beef Band fiddle player, and Christen Coppen as Doreen Gilmore. You can stream this to your computer or TV with a subscription to an AT&T Internet Plan at

The movie takes place in a small Texas town called Splendona. One of the main characters is a teenager named Starla Grady and in high school everything is almost perfect in her world. Not only is she a popular cheerleader she is also a pageant queen. That all changed when the orphan, Genevieve Le Plouff enters the story line. Starla hosts the foreign exchange student from France, and before Starla knows it Genevieve is winning the hearts and eyes of everyone in Starla’s life—her parents, boyfriend, and friends. It is not long before Genevieve is really on her way to taking over Starla’s life and world for her own.

Starla ends up getting a few bad grades in French, and consequently she must quit the cheerleading squad. Genevieve is hasty to take the open cheerleading position and from that point on the roles between Starla and Genevieve are reversed, and it only gets worse for Starla. Starla becomes the unpopular average student in the background and Genevieve takes her old role as the popular head chearleader. Starla is once again replaced by Genevieve when it comes to the News Anchor Competition. Genevieve then goes so far as to frame Starla, leading to her arrest for having a knife in school and getting high.

Why is Genevieve so vengeful against Starla? Soon Starla discovers the real reason for all of her contemptuous deeds. Years earlier Starla and Genevieve were actually classmates at the same elementary school, and at that time Starla had embarrassed Genevieve very badly. In fact, Genevieve felt so humiliated that she moved all the way to France. Now, she had returned in disguise and seeking revenge against Starla.

Naturally Genevieve’s entire plot and history become revealed and soon it is clear to everyone what she was up to the whole time. Once again she leaves town in dishonor and humiliation. Starla goes on to get her old life back in school as well as town, but she has still lost out on two important things to her. She lost her dreams of a college scholarship and becoming a reporter. Still, Starla feels the experience has changed her and given her a new perspective. In the final closing of the film a new twist is revealed as Genevieve is shown once again stealing Starla’s identity, this time by way of her ID card. She goes back to France but it seems that her vendetta against Starla and her history of deception and revenge is not yet over.

For the most part, Slap Her…She’s French/She Gets What She Wants was not received all that well, but there were still those who liked the film. It is described as being a dark teen comedy, and critics call it lifeless and say that it is insulting to Europeans in addition to Texans, if not all Americans too. One somewhat favorable review says that it is impossible to feel compassion for the characters, as they are vain and bent on revenge, but that they are if nothing else funny and entertaining.

Although from the above plot it may seem that Starla is somewhat decent and Genevieve the complete villain, both characters tend to be of a somewhat similar nature, prone to deception. There have been quite a few viewers who do find the comedy amusing, if nothing else, but not everyone has enjoyed the humor either. Many of the actors have been praised by a handful of people as portraying their parts well and adding a great element of comedy into the film.

It is not much surprise that critics and even the somewhat more positive reviews see Starla as a self- absorbed, shallow, and manipulative teenage girl who idolizes fame and Barbie, and of course Genevieve—the one that film makers intended the audience to hate—is in about the same league. Those who do not like the movie say that it is riddled with stereotypes and follows a lot of predictable patterns.

IMDb gives Slap Her… She’s French 5/10 stars, Rotten Tomatoes gives it an approval rating of 38%, and Metacritic gives it 44%. Many say that the overall plot is pointless and that one character is hate- worthy and the other the audience doesn’t trust, and they are pitted vainly against one another. While the plot and characters may not be appealing to many people… it is important to keep in mind that the film was made primarily for teenage girls, and a few other reviews have said that it is similar to Legally Blond and Step Up. It was also made over a decade ago and the spirit of certain genres has changed somewhat since then. As many people as there were who did not like the movie and in fact hated it, there are still quite a number who found it to be hilarious and worth the time to watch.

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